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Updated Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS circa 2014)

posted by Tom Bisque

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Updated Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS circa 2014)

Last Updated: December 21 2017


  • Cleaned up the field assignment
  • Allows searching by more common WDS ID, i.e. WDS-2014 KNT 5

This is a newer updated release of the Washington Double Star catalog. The original version distributed with TheSkyX is circa 2008. This data contains new updated observations through 2014. However, for the most part the actual star positions and also the lack of proper motion still exists.

This is an SDB (Sky Database) for use with TheSkyX. SDB's should be placed in the following "default" user location:

My Documents\Software Bisque\TheSkyX Professional Edition\SDBs

Or for Serious Astronomer replace "Professional Edition" with "Serious Astronomer Edition".

Once the downloaded file "" has been unzipped/extracted to the folder above it will appear in TheSkyX under Input>Database Manager>Sky Databases (SDBs)>My Sky Databases. To enable the SDB place a check there. The database is searched by using

Edit>Find WDS-2014 {Double star ID} example

Edit>Find WDS-2014 KNT 5


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