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Arp Peculiar Galaxies - 2018

posted by Tom Bisque

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Arp Peculiar Galaxies - 2018

This zip file contains two Sky Databases (SDB's) with the objects "Arp Peculiar Galaxies". There are 338 of them The SDB should be put in the following location and supercedes all previous Arp Peculiar Galaxies SDB's to date! One SDB plots their labels the other does not. Use one or the other but enabling both won't hurt.

To install:

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive into the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application Support Files folder.
  2. From TheSkyX, click the Database Manager command from the Input menu.
  3. Expand Sky Databases, then My Sky Databases and turn on the appropriate checkbox for this SDB.

For convenience a second SDB file of type "Labels" is also included. When the "Labels" SDB is enabled the Arp number appears on the display out to 160 degrees for easy identification. You can have both enabled but generally speaking use one or the other SDB.

Arp Peculiar Galaxies all 338 galaxies using the PGC identifier for best results in regard to positions, sizes, cross references, and magnitudes. This was pain stakingly done over several days using several good reliable resources. Including but not limited to:

The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies Willmann-Bell

Search the Arp data using Edit>Find APG {Arp #}

Edit>Find APG 1 returns:

Object Name: PGC 26666
Name 2: NGC 2857
Object Type: Galaxy
RA (2000.0): 09h 24m 37.7s
Dec (2000.0): +49° 21' 26"
Major Axis: 1.9
Minor Axis: 1.5
Axis Position Angle: 38° 00'
Magnitude: 12.96
Name 3: APG 1
Source Catalog: PGC (Principal Galaxies Catalog)
Type: Sc
Morphological code: 5.2
Radial velocity: 4952
Alias 1: ARP001
Alias 2: UGC05000
Alias 3: CGCG238-049
Alias 4: IRAS09212+4934
Alias 5: MCG+08-17-095
Alias 6: LGG168:[G93]008
Alias 7: PGC026666
Alias 8: 2MASXJ09243769+4921256

Please report any issues to referencing Arp Peculiar Galaxies.




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