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Hickson Compact Galaxies

posted by Tom Bisque

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Hickson Compact Galaxies

VII/213  Hickson's Compact groups of Galaxies   (Hickson+ 1982-1994

To install:

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive into the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application Support Files folder.
  2. From TheSkyX, click the Database Manager command from the Input menu.
  3. Expand Sky Databases, then My Sky Databases and turn on the appropriate checkbox for this SDB.

Note there are 3 SDB files. This allows you to plot the labels for Group numbers, the individual galaxies, or the individual galaxy labels.

The source for the data is the PGC catalog. To search the SDB's use Edit>Find {HCG #} for the Group number or Edit>Find {Hickson 1a} to find the individual galaxy with this group.

Edit>Find Hickson 1a returns:

Object Name: Hickson 1a
Object Type: Spiral Galaxy
RA (2000.0): 00h 26m 07.1s
Dec (2000.0): +25° 43' 31"
Major Axis: 1.0
Minor Axis: 0.4
Magnitude: 14.91
Catalog Identifier: PGC1627
Source Catalog: My SDBs: Hickson's Compact Groups of Galaxies
Hickson CG ID:  1a 
Galaxy Type: Sc 
Morphological type: m
Heliocntric velcity km/s: 10237
(B-R) mag:  1.29
Total Mag: 14.87
NGC ID:           
PGC #: PGC 1627   
HCG ID: Hickson 1a  


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