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Apollo Navigational Stars

posted by Tom Bisque

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Apollo Navigational Stars

These are the 37 stars used by the Apollo space program to navigate to the moon (1969 - 1972 Apollo 11 through Apollo 17. These include the star names Regor (honoring Roger Chaffee Regor Roger backwards), Navi (Guss Grissom's middle name backwards), and Dnoces (Edward White II, also the second man to walk in space).

To install:

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive Apollo Nav to the SDBs folder of TheSkyX's Application Support Files
  2. From TheSkyX, click the Database Manager command from the Input menu.
  3. Expand Sky Databases, then My Sky Databases and turn on the appropriate checkbox for this SDB.
  4. Once the downloaded file has been unzipped/extracted to the folder above it will appear in TheSkyX under Input>Database Manager>Sky Databases (SDBs)>My Sky Databases. To enable the SDB place a check here.

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The SDB places a label next to each star. They are found using Edit>Find {Apollo Nav Star #}. Example showing Edit>Find Apollo Nav Star #1.

The original found source on-line from the NASA archives is attached here.

Click here for the source.




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