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Cederblad Galactic Nebulae

posted by Tom Bisque

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Cederblad Galactic Nebulae

Cederblad Galactic Nebulae  (Cederblad, 1946)

This SDB is located in the Optinal SDB's folder because it is already distributed with TheSkyX. It is located in the Optional SDB's folder. This new version will replace what is already there. Since the name has been corrected you want to delete the currently miss spelled version so you don't double up. The miss spelled version is the Cedarblad with Cedar with an "a" instead of Cederblad.

To install: 

  1. Download and unzip the files in this archive to the SDBs folder ..\TheSkyX Professional\Resources\Serious\Optional SDBs folder
  2. Then  you can simply delete the currently misspelled "CedarBlad Galactic Nebulae.SDB" 

Since the name has changed you want to "delete" the current version with the misspelling to avoid doubling up on the SDB. Again you can safely delete the current version with the misspelled name in favor of this newer one posted here. Having both won't hurt anything but could would cause confusion.




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