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MKS Serial Port Utility Application


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MKS Serial Port Utility Application

This zip file contains the mkser.exe version 2.3 that can be used to access and set many low-level features found in the Paramount ME's MKS 4000 control system.  The mkser.exe is also compatible with the early model Paramount ME and Paramount GT-1100S mounts (MKS 3000 and MKS 3200).

To Run mkser.exe:

  1. Start a Windows command line window.
  2. From the command line, type:

C:\mkser comN <PRESS ENTER KEY>

Where "N" is the COM port number to which the mount is physically connected. 

The zip file also contains firmware versions 1.1.45 (mks1145.out) and 2.5.19 (mks4-2519.out).  Please carefully read Appendix C of the Paramount ME User Guide and SBKB 1200 before attempting to upgrade the Paramount ME firmware. 


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