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Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)


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Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)

The Paramount German equatorial mount User Guide.

Revision 2.7

This document describes how to control the following Paramount mount models:

  • Paramount MYT
  • Paramount MX
  • Paramount MX+
  • Paramount ME II
  • Paramount Taurus (for documentation related to TheSkyX Professional Edition-specific control)
  • Mounts that use the Bisque Telescope Control System (TCS) with the MKS 5000 or MKS 4000 control system should also refer to this document for details about using TheSkyX Professional Edition for mount control.

See Appendix E: Revision History for the list of changes in each revision.


David Voss wrote re: Paramount User Guide (GEM Models)
on 10-08-2018 9:46 AM

Hi - I'm not sure where to post/email this information, but I have a suggested revision to the GEM users's guide.

Background: I'm a brand new owner of a MyT mount and very pleased so far.  I'm starting from scratch with this mount and going through the user's guides step by step.

Issue: In the section on pp 23-24 "To Label the Home Position in Software" steps 10 and 11 did not work for me in either the Windows or Mac versions.  There seems to be some difference between the wording of these steps and the instructions for adding Chart Elements in the SkyX users guide. In following these steps, I was not able to fully insert the element - the label shows up but not the associated graphic icon.

Suggested solution: I suggest that steps 10 and 11 on page 24 of the GEM user's guide be revised as follows -

10.  Click the Add Object button, then Command-click (Mac) or Control-click (Windows) with the cursor on approximately the desired position of the home position on the Sky Chart. This adds a Reference Point element to the My Chart Elements list and to the Sky Chart.

11. Highlight this element in the My Chart Elements list and click Edit.  Select "Horizon" and enter exact Alt/Az coordinates of the home position from step #8. Label the element "Absolute Home position". Click OK to label and precisely position the Reference Point icon and label on the Sky Chart.

thanks for considering

David Voss


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