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Gas Giants

Do you remember the thrill you experienced the first time you saw Jupiter or Saturn through a telescope?  If so, Gas Giants is a must for your iOS library! 

Gas Giants lets you peer through a simulated telescope to observe Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune, and their major moons, in real time or for any date and time.  A must have tool for amateur astronomers, teachers, scout leaders, astronomy club members or anyone who owns a telescope or binoculars. 

Minimum System Requirements

All iPad models


iPhone 3GS and later

Original iPhone and iPhone 3G are not supported

iPod Touch 3rd Generation

Original iPod Touch and iPod Touch 2nd Generation are not supported


Gas Giants presently requires OpenGL ES 2.0 or later.  Early model iOS devices do not support it.

Sample Screens


  • Simulate the current view of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus or Neptune as it would appear in an eyepiece.
  • Choose from a large database of telescopes and eyepieces to match your equipment's field of view, or setup your own equipment.
  • Predict the future or simulate the past view of Jupiter or Saturn for any date and time between January 1970 to December 2050.
  • Show the approximate position of Jupiter's Great Red Spot.
  • Show Jupiter's major moons, including Callisto, Io, Europe, Ganymede.
  • Show Saturn's major moons, including Dione, Enceladus, Hyperion, Mimas, Rhea, Tethys and Titan.
  • Show Uranus' major moons, including Ariel, Oberon, Miranda, Titania and Umbrel.
  • Show Neptune's major moons, including Triton and Nereid.
  • Label the moons for easy identification.
  • Scroll time to animate the moons' orbits.
  • See when moons are visible, eclipsing the planet (when a moon's shadow cast is on the planet), or eclipsed by the planet).
  • Relive past, or predict future conjunctions between the planets and their moons.
  • Show how Saturn's rings change orientation over time when viewed from Earth.
  • Turn off telescope simulation and pinch the screen to zoom in on the planets.
  • Show the current field of view and magnification for your telescope.
  • Show a mirrored view to match your inverting telescope.
  • Lock the orientation of the display on your device.
  • Updates the planets' orientation and satellites' positions in real time.
  • Invert and mirror the display.
  • Show the current magnification and field of view for the selected telescope and eyepiece.
  • Single tap the date text to reset the time slider.























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