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Paramount ME II

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The table below compares the Paramount ME II and the legacy Paramount ME models.


 Paramount ME II

Paramount ME

Control system electronics

MKS 5000  (Fifth generation)

One board includes all ports and control system  electronics.

MKS 4000 (gen 4) and Adaptor Panel

Two board design; Adaptor Panel includes plug in ports; MKS 4000 board contains the control system electronics.


Counterweight shaft 

  • 47 cm (18.5 in.) x 4.8 cm (1.875 in.) 
  • Carries up to six counterweights
  • 46  (18 in.) long and 3.8 cm (1.5 in.) in diameter 
  • Carries up to six counterweights


14 kg (30 lb), two  included

9 kg (20 lb), two included

Declination bearing

8-in (48 contact points)

6-in (14 contact points)

Declination gear diameter

9.5 in.

7.5 in.

Declination housing

5 in. x 0.5 in. wall 6061 aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum box (6061)

Declination shaft diameter

3.0 in.

2.0 in.

Declination worm diameter

1.0 in.

0.75 in.

Hours past meridian (track and slew)


Maximum slew speed*

4 degrees per second in right ascension and declination*

3.5 degrees per second in right ascension, 5 degrees per second in declination

*Maximum Slew Speed Disclaimer

The factory default of 80% maximum slew rate works well with most payloads over a wide range of temperatures. Paramount mounts can slew at the maximum slew rate with a balanced payload that is approximately 50% or less of the total rated capacity, when the spring plunger pressure adjusted to factory standards at moderate ambient temperatures.

As the mass of the payload increases, and/or the ambient temperature decreases, the mount may not be able to maintain maximum slew speeds. When near or above the stated capacity of the mount, or during cold temperature operation, slower maximum slew speeds and lower accelerations will be required.

Motor diameter

2.3 in.

1.7 in.

Motor torque

30 in-oz

11 in-oz

On axis encoder (optional)

See details below


Physical hard stop position



Power supply

221 W (+48VDC, 4.6A max.)

80 W

Right ascension bearing

8 in. (48 contact points)

8.6 in. (18 contact points)

Right ascension gear diameter

11.4 in.

11.4 in.

Right ascension housing

7 in. x 0.5 in. wall 6061 aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum box (6061)

Right ascension shaft diameter

3.0 in.

2.5 in.

Right ascension worm diameter

1.0 in.

1.0 in.

Software included

  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac
  • TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows
  • TPoint Add On (Mac and Windows)
  • Camera Add On (Mac and Windows)
  • Multi-OS and Six License Add On for Mac and Windows

Bisque Observatory Software Suite

Through the mount cabling

Large diameter cable conduits. Cables can be run through the mount without altering polar alignment, removing the optical tube assembly, or altering the polar alignment and no mount disassembly is required.  


Smaller diameter cable conduits, some mount disassembly required when adding cables.

USB ports on Instrument Panel

Two (2)


Weight (mount body with no payload)

38 kg (84 lb)

31 kg (69 lb)

Weight capacity (total payload excluding counterweights)

109 kg (240 lb)

68 kg (150 lb)

Photo showing both the Paramount ME II and the Paramount MX Robotic Telescope Mount

On-Axis Encoders ($6,000)

Software Bisque offers optional on-axis encoders for the Paramount ME II.  Details about optional on-axis encoders are below:

  • On axis encoders offer better than 0.1 arcsecond resolution.
  • All sky RMS pointing accuracies, with TPoint modeling, between five (5) and ten (10) arcseconds (requiring fewer calibration points).
  • Periodic errors in the worm gear/main gear drive mechanics are virtually eliminated, and periodic error training is not required.
  • The mount always knows its mechanical orientation so that no homing or mount synchronization is necessary.
  • All Paramount ME II's are designed to accept on-axis encoder hardware and cabling; existing owners must returned their mounts to Software Bisque for on-axis encoder installation.  In other words, on-axis encoders must be installed by authorized Software Bisque personnel and cannot be installed by third-parties.
  • The cost of the on-axis encoder hardware is $6,000.  Installation and shipping costs extra.
  • On-axis encoders are presently not available for the Paramount MX, Paramount MYT, or the earlier generation Paramount ME

Answers to Paramount ME II FAQs

Q: What are the dimensions and weights of the Paramount ME II shipping boxes?

A: The Paramount ME II is shipped in two separate boxes.  The dimensions of the larger box are 17" x 27" x 30" (43 cm x 69 cm x 76 cm ) and weighs 115 pounds (52 kg).   The smaller box is 12" x 12" x 24" ( 30 cm x 30 cm x 61 cm) and weighs 86 pounds (39 kg).



























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