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  • Re: transfer license Mac / PC

    [quote user="Patrice Galimand"] Would it be possible to transfer my Mac license on Windows?[/quote]Yes. Email Front Desk @ to request the transfer. [quote user="Patrice Galimand"]For compatibility issues with my astronomical hardware (EQ8 mount, ZWO camera, focused badder...) hard to connect on Mac[/quote]TheSkyX supports
  • Paramount MX+

    Paramount MX+ FAQs Q: What is the Paramount MX+? A: The Paramount MX+ German Equatorial Mount has been redesigned to incorporate the same high-torque precision servo motors used in the Paramount ME II. See the Paramount Spec Sheet for details about the new motors. Otherwise, the Paramount MX+ has virtually the identical feature set of the original Paramount
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 04-17-2019
  • Re: Board for my ME II

    [quote user="Daniel Merrick"]What board do I need for my MEII.[/quote]The Paramount ME II uses the MKS 5000 PCB . Troubleshooting: Start the MKS 5000 USB communication failure troubleshooting process here . See this post for additional Mac-specific troubleshooting information. If the troubleshooting steps all fail, please fill out an RMA Request
  • Re: Sky X clear park set park

    [quote user="Bourgon Laurent"]Following a bug, I just reinstalled the 2014 version of Sky, everything works well with Eqmod. As soon as I update 2018, the Clear and Set Park functions no longer work. Thank you for proposing me a solution[/quote] What is the exact version and build of TheSkyX? Click Telescope > Telescope Setup. What is the
  • Re: MyT shipping foam

    I'll have Dorothy at the Front Desk contact you privately.
  • Re: Dome add on and cloud sensor

    [quote user="Dave Compton"]In the latest release, if I have the Dome add-on, can SkyX take an input from a 1) cloud sensor or 2) weather station, and close the dome shutter or park the dome if conditions are not safe?[/quote]The Dome Add On does not presently have this feature (not released publicly). [quote user="Dave Compton"]I
  • Paramount Taurus Equatorial Fork Mount

    Software Bisque is pleased to introduce the latest addition to the Paramount family! Paramount Taurus Model 400 at SAS 2016. Paramount Taurus carrying a the Officina Stellare Pro RC 600 (24") at SpaceCom 2015. Software Bisque's 2015 AIC booth. Sarah Bisque provides scale to the Paramount Taurus equatorial fork mount carrying a 0.5 m Planewave OTA.
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 04-15-2019
  • Paramount ME II

    The table below compares the Paramount ME II and the legacy Paramount ME models. Component Paramount ME II Paramount ME Control system electronics MKS 5000 (Fifth generation) One board includes all ports and control system electronics. MKS 4000 (gen 4) and Adaptor Panel Two board design; Adaptor Panel includes plug in ports; MKS 4000 board contains
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 04-15-2019
  • Re: dome add-on and tpoint

    [quote user="Dave Compton"] So I was wondering but just to make sure... If the dome add-on is active and you do an automated t-point calibration, will the routine wait for the dome to report back that it is finished moving before exposing the next camera exposure?[/quote]Correct.
  • Re: Worm gear wear out/ replacement normal?

    [quote user="Dave Compton"]That's why I was surprised to see on this and other forums customers saying that they had to replace the worm block every year or even at all.[/quote]To ensure longevity, proper Paramount care and maintenance is strongly recommended. Many Paramounts have been in service for more than a decade without issues.
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