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  • Privacy and Security Policy

    Software Bisque, Inc. Privacy Policy Software Bisque respects, and is committed to protecting, your privacy. This Privacy Policy lets you know how personal information collected by Software Bisque is used. Software Bisque uses personal information according to this Privacy Policy only. The following policies are in effect for the web pages, store, community
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  • Re: Upgrade to SKYX

    Thanks for considering upgrading to TheSkyX. Warning, there's a learning curve ahead, but TheSkyX plus the optional Add Ons is so much better (especially with eight years of refinement). TheSky6 to TheSkyX Terminology Changes Moving TheSky6 and TPoint to TheSkyX Settings [quote user="Phil Sullivan"] What would be the cost for me to upgrade
  • Re: Tpoint for alt-az mounts

    [quote user="Jemason"]Price quote would be awesome.[/quote]We'll email you an RFQ this week. Patrick Wallace (the proTPOINT author and TPoint consultant) is willing to discuss the sticky details regarding telescope modeling, done right. Please email me privately if you wish to take him up on his offer.
  • Re: Electronics Failure?

    [quote user="amydove"]Incidentally, what is the typical lifetime of a power supply?[/quote]I have empirical evidence, only. Many have been in use more than decade. [quote user="amydove"]We replaced ours in 2015, so I'm wondering it this is expected, or if we should be looking at what is causing our power supplies to fail.[/quote
  • Re: Electronics Failure?

    [quote user="amydove"]The leads on the 6-conductor cable are 46.5V[/quote]This should be 48V, minimum. [quote user="amydove"]Should we try a new power supply?[/quote]Yes. Replacement Paramount ME Power Supply Units are available on the Software Bisque Store.
  • Seeker - The Immersive 3D Solar System Simulator

    Let Yourself Go Pilot your own ship and travel to the deep reaches of our solar system. Chart the Moon's craters and canyons, study the terrain of planets in vibrant color, experience the pockmarked surface of an asteroid up close and personal, and then tag along as Earth's surrogate explorers Voyager and Cassini orbit and image Saturn and Jupiter.
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 05-15-2018
  • Re: Electronics Failure?

    [quote user="amydove"]What are my next steps?[/quote] This article describes the troubleshooting process. If the either board needs replaced, you may need to return them to Software Bisque for repair. While we can't guarantee it can be repaired, (some components are no longer manufactured), we can try. The MKS 5000 Control System Upgrade
  • Re: Subscription renewal and software add-on for Sky X Professional

    Thank you for considering these products/upgrades. [quote user="ender1019"]T-Point software (bought separately before it was an add-on)[/quote]That would be TPoint for Windows Version 1 (which is not compatible with TheSkyX Pro). [quote user="ender1019"]1) Since T-Point is now an add-on to Sky X Professional, do I only need to do
  • Re: Tpoint for alt-az mounts

    [quote user="Jemason"]have an alt-az mount, and a home-grown TCS that I'm looking to add (better) functionality to.[/quote]Thanks for contacting Software Bisque. Two versions of TPOINT are available: TheSkyX Pro's TPoint Add On offers two-axis telescope pointing analysis for equatorial mountings, only, and has fully-integrated telescope
  • Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount

    Paramount MYT FAQs Q: What is the Paramount MYT? A: The Paramount MYT (pronounced “mighty”) Robotic Telescope Mount is a German equatorial mount designed from the base up to provide unsurpassed stability and performance for portable, semi-portable, or permanent installations. Other than its smaller stature and lower total payload capacity
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 05-07-2018
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