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  • Re: Two issues...

    Thanks for your patience while we try to tackle these three separate support issues. Please be sure to install the latest version of TheSkyX Pro before proceeding. [quote user="brianmaynard"] I have a new MX+ mount that has what I think is a loose connection to the DEC motor. It doesn't happen all the time but on some initial power ups

    [quote user="skunkwirks"]Hello, I have been using THE SKY since 1990[/quote]Nice! [quote user="skunkwirks"] My question is can I use the download on my laptop that will control my telescope, and my pc in my office for casual use and to set up my next outing. [/quote]Yes, the standard Software Bisque software license permits installation
  • Re: Latitude Adjustment Wedge for MyT?

    Thanks for considering the Paramount MYT! Unfortunately, Software Bisque does not manufacture a latitude adjustment wedge for the Paramount MYT at this time. Let me check on the possibility of manufacturing this wedge. [quote user="Tertsi"] if I wish to use it in 65 degree[/quote]What is your exact latitude? If the observing latitude is within
  • Re: Paramount software suite paid for but not showing

    Sorry for the troubles, we'll get this sorted out. [quote user="Tony Wade"] I paid for the Paramount MX software suite but it is not showing in my orders ,why is this so.[/quote]Do you have a Software Bisque invoice number associated with this purchase? Your account indeed shows no recent orders, and has no physical address associated
  • Re: Bisque TCS, vintage 2005

    [quote user="wleighty"]Is it supported by Software Bisque now ?[/quote]We'll certainly try... The 2005 model year Bisque TCS should have used the MKS 4000 dual axis control system. See this document to verify this is correct. The Bisque TCS requires TheSky for operation. In 2005, that would have been TheSky6 Professional Edition. Do you
  • Paramount MX+

    Paramount MX+ FAQs Q: What is the Paramount MX+? A: The Paramount MX+ German Equatorial Mount has been redesigned to incorporate the same high-torque precision servo motors used in the Paramount ME II. See the Paramount Spec Sheet for details about the new motors. Otherwise, the Paramount MX+ has virtually the identical feature set of the original Paramount
    Posted to CMS (ContentManagement) by Daniel R. Bisque on 10-29-2018
  • Re: TheSkyX feature availability for AP mounts

    [quote user="yanamodake"] Can I expect the exact all same features to be available for the AP1100GTO as the SB mount such as ME II if I buy TheSkyX Professional and use it for the AP mount?[/quote]While TheSkyX has exceptional control for telescope mounts, the Paramount mount has many exclusive features that are not available on other mounts
  • Re: On-site Service

    [quote user="modulok"]Rumor has it Software Bisque offers on-site installation on a negotiated per-client basis. Whom do I contact to discuss these possibilities further?[/quote]Software Bisque sells robotic telescope systems. Software Bisque sells integrated imaging systems. Optional on-site installation and training is available for Software
  • Re: Paramount ME fails to intitialize

    [quote user="Mike Moore"]I don't recognize that ME serial number card.[/quote]Right, please see the first sentence in my post here . [quote user="Mike Moore"]I think I have the old 3000 series board.[/quote]See this document to determine which control system is installed on your Paramount ME. [quote user="Mike Moore"
  • Re: Paramount MX Tune-up

    [quote user="bill7313"]Can you tell me what services are available along these lines and what the process and approx. cost is for returning the mount for this service?[/quote]Software Bisque can service Paramount mounts to return them to specification. Once the mount is received, it's given a thorough inspection, and followed up with a
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