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  • Re: transfer license Mac / PC

    Hello I beg you to apologize for my late reply, but I went to astronomy with my club, hence my late response. Question 1, 3, 4, 5 and 7 - Update completed (version the SkyX Pro 10.5.0 (build 12033) - Wiith the RS 232 to RJ12, the racket not used in direct PC mode, the communicaction is going perfectly. The sky and the EQ8 (Ascom Mount) works well together
  • Re: transfer license Mac / PC

    Hello Thank you for coming back. To answer at your questions. Computer : MacBook Pro computer (15-inch, 2016), Intel Core I7 2.7 GHz processor, Memory 16gb 2133 Mhrz LPDDR3, Graphics Intel HD graphic 530 1560 MB 1. What version and build of TheSkyX? version the SkyX Pro 10.5.0 (build 11144) 2. Is the Baader focuser a SteelDrive (original model), or
  • transfer license Mac / PC

    Hello I have licensed "TheSkyX Pro " for Mac for several years. (Serial number) For compatibility issues with my astronomical hardware (EQ8 mount, ZWO camera, focused badder...) hard to connect on Mac, see impossible, I will probably switch on a PC. Would it be possible to transfer my Mac license on Windows? Thank you for coming back. Best
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