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  • Re: Ego Battery options

    I use the 7.5 (special order) With my MYT get 2 nights no problems. Only takes about 30 minutes to recharge. These LiFeO4 batteries are incredible.
  • Re: astrometry software

    The magnitude measurements of stars is only the first part. The rest is building the AAVSO reports. I would have been willling to pay for a add-on provided it could generate the reports and perfrom the measurements.with some ease. It would also be nice to build a imaging list based upon Planned minima or maxima in the next month. This information is
  • Re: astrometry software

    Brian I think he maybe referring to the measurement of stellar brightness not position.. AFAIK This is something SKY X does not do. I and others have asked for this but it has not evolved. I hope someday it would make variable star observing something many would get invovled in. If I am mistaken please ignore.
  • Re: Differences between the SkyX PRO and the SkyX Serious

    for what is being requestd one will need the SKYX PRO with the CAO and Tpoint addons. Both are extra. The upgrade path is descibed here here The CAO and tpoint are functions that will be turned on with the purchase of the extra upgrades. Simply enter the S/N. I do not know if there is a discount
  • Re: Sky 6. Pro

    If you do not reconfigure your system, Windows will normally remember which port was assigned to which device. If you do get the com fail message at connection startup, I go to device manager and see where the roulette wheel stopped and then change it in the SKYX as required. As I said if you do not remove the cables and adapters it tends to not change
  • Re: Myt or MX+

    When you relubricate the gears may wish to switch to the low temp grease they talk about in the video. As Wes states, the Rings add support and rigidity to your scope. If you are off axis guiding and willing to live with waiting for the centering slews to do thier job I guess they are not absolutely necessary.
  • Re: Myt or MX+

    Glad we can be of help. THe only issue with centering after the flip will be the ability to keep the mirror from flopping. I think you may also need a refocus after a meridian flip on some systems. O think this can be automated in the control programs. The close loop slew is similar in function to the Image link and adjust routines that others use.
  • Re: Myt or MX+

    I do not know how the CGEMDX did a meridian flip but on a Paramount it simply flips when a slew is commanded to a target that is on the other side of the meridian. Both the MYt and MX can go past the meridian up to 2 hours so in most case it should not be an issue for the system to finish the image and then slew (meridian flip). Most automation programs
  • Re: Used MyT considerations

    I think the base plate on newer units maybe slightly thicker. The original run of the mounts had a manufacturing flaw that caused the threads to bind in the altitude adjuster and damage the adjuster. The repair was simple to make and the part was free from SB. Some people who use their gear above 45 deg Latitude have reported that the adjuster will
  • Re: Myt or MX+

    The actual weight you can carry is not only a function of the amount but the length of the tube. I believe the MYT can certainly handle a "few extra pounds" as long as it is distributed correctly. I have an ME and a MYT and have seen 6 in Refractors on a MYT. There is a demo video out there with a MYT carrying a large load that was made by
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