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  • Re: @focus3 and CCDC

    I've found and corrected some issues regarding this. Please wait and try again with CCDC with the next daily build. Richard
  • Re: BYNikon problem

    [quote user="pmattei"] Good news. ... Basically, the problem was created by a recent Microsoft update which monkeyed with my security profiles. The fix was to uninstall BYN and then reinstall in a separate folder. After a 30 second pause, the connection was made and appears to be working perfectly. [/quote] Excellent Pete! Note made of this
  • Re: FLI power cable appears to be faulty

    Hi Gregg, In case anyone later searches this topic or has the same issue, I have a cable that behaves the same way. Clearly not by design... but when blindsided by this in the field myself, I found that I could push the pins back into position by pushing the cable on the back side of the connector forward. Seems to work well, and I haven't bothered
  • Winter Star Party 2018

    The road warrior returns... whew, 10 days on the road and I think I'm done for a while! Next up is NEAIC/NEAF and that's still a ways off so hopefully I can get some issues with @focus3, etc. wrapped up now that I've stopped moving for a while! First stop (two Fridays ago) was a drive by at the Orange Blossom Special Star Party held at Withlacoochee
  • Re: BYNikon problem

    Pete, [quote user="pmattei"]I previously tested the BYN interface and it worked fine with SKYX. Wondering if there's been a recent modification on either side which has created this problem.[/quote] Did you do this on the Eagle and it worked previously? We haven't made any changes that should affect this. I was recently at a star party
  • Re: TheSkyX Professional Edition Camera Add On Canon EOS T6S support

    [quote user="drowe"] I have a Canon 5D Mark IV that doesn't seem to be supported by the Camera Add On (tried the "universal option" with no luck). Any plans for it? [/quote] I suspect you are a bit behind on the daily builds. Below is a screen shot from a recent build of TheSkyX for Windows. It is listed and it should work.
  • Re: Flat Panel support

    [quote user="n7dar"] have you smart folks at SB reconsidered the 2014 position of no support for a flat field device, such as the Alnitak Flip-Flat? [/quote] A little... I have one. I have code... I have desire... I need time<g> It is on the wish list... the short wish list though ;-) Richard
  • AAS 2018 Post Mortem

    After a few years absence, Software Bisque returned to the American Astronomical Society's (AAS) bi-annual conference for their 231st meeting. The AAS meets twice a year at various cities around the country, and this winter's meeting was held in Washington DC. After years of being more closely involved in the amateur community myself, I was
  • AppNaps Revenge

    For macOS imagers using version 10.13 (High Sierra), Apple has once again changed their OS policies regarding AppNap. A little over zealous I think in their attempt to prolong battery life for the legions of their users who they seem to think these days use their Mac's for nothing more than shopping and entertaining themselves... yes, I am starting
  • Re: Support for Nikon D810a?

    We do indirectly. On Windows, we have a Backyard Nikon plug-in that will allow you to send commands to the camera through Backyard Nikon (which has an automation interface for 3rd party apps). I wrote a review for this camera a while back for Astronomy Technology Today. Nice piece of gear. Richard
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