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  • Grand Canyon Star Party 2019 - South Rim Report

    I am finally home from a two week odyssey (a few days off to visit family was included), that culminated in a week at the annual Grand Canyon Star Party. This is the largest public astronomy outreach event in the country. The National Park service claims up to 80,000 visitors for the star party... I was there, and I'm a bit more quantitative when
  • Grand Canyon Star Party 2019 - North Rim Report

    Last year I attended the Grand Canyon Star Party on the South Rim . Nearly a hundred amateur telescopes were setup and thousands of visitors were treated to their first time ever view through a telescope. Many had never even seen a starry night, much less the Milky Way. It was amazing. It was spiritual. I showed a lot of people galaxies far far away
  • Re: MyT and RASA 11

    The 11" RASA weights 43lbs. As long as you don't try and piggy back something else heavy on it, I can't imagine your camera being 10lbs hanging off the front of it. It's short focal length too, and compact. It should work fine on a MYT. I run an 6" refractor on mine very close to the limit and get great results even with all that
  • Re: Tcf-s3 focuser on ras pi

    [quote user="Richard Wright"]Stand by on this.... [/quote] Okay, you can quit standing by. This is nothing more than a bookkeeping issue. The TCF family of focusers has always been supported on Linux (both x86 and ARM/Pi). The web page just needs to be updated is all. This is an aging controller, mine does give Err=1 when I connect to it
  • Re: Tcf-s3 focuser on ras pi

    [quote user="Daniel R. Bisque"] See this table . The Optec TCF-S focuser is not supported on Linux or Raspbian operating systems. [/quote] Stand by on this.... there's no technical reason this is supported every where but Linux/Raspbian. Let me do some house keeping and see if we can't get it added quickly. Richard
  • Texas Star Party 2019

    You might have an image of a software developer as someone sitting at his desk all day type type typing away on a computer drinking Jolt cola and eating Doritos. It's surprising how busy I am, in and out of the office, and nothing brings this into sharp relief like a week+ long road trip someplace with little cellular signal and Internet access
  • Daily Build & Texas

    Well, I’m off to the Texas Star Party, and as the door closes behind me, we have a new and somewhat exciting Daily Build for everyone on all platforms. I’ll have this for all platforms on a jump drive with me in Texas, so if we meet on the field, hit me up! One update to live stacking is on the fly frame rejection. This is just the first
  • NEAIC/NEAF and the rest of 2019

    Another trip around the Sun, and another fantastic long weekend in Suffern, NY at the annual NEAIC (North East Advanced Imaging Conference), and NEAF (North East Astronomy Forum). This was my 16th NEAF representing Software Bisque, and... I've lost count of NEAIC's... 6 or more I'm sure. This is my #1 favorite, non-star party event. Steve
  • Re: Live Viewing and new to AP

    TheSkyX Professional with the Camera Add on currently supports Live Stacking. It's considered "beta", but is pretty stable and becoming quite widely used. Richard
  • We've come a long way APOD...

    NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day is one of the world's most important outreach vehicles for astrophotography. Millions of people in the general public come in contact with a daily astrophoto that demonstrates the beauty of astronomy and a well written explanation by actual astronomers that explains the science behind the image. Contrary to
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