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  • Re: SkyX pro

    Yes, if both have the same flavour of OS (e.g. Windows, macOS). See the terms of our Software License Agreement for more information. Also, since you mentioned a subscription, I'll point out that having a current subscription is optional. It is not required to use the software, but is required to have download access to the pertinent installers
  • Re: Dome Controller Software

    [quote user="Michigan Tech"]OK I feel like we are going around circles.[/quote] I'm sorry you feel that way; I think I've been directing you in a straight line. [quote user="Michigan Tech"]First how do I purchase the renewal for my SKY X software subscription as I can't seem to find a link to purchase.[/quote] I still
  • Re: question - renew

    You would renew the edition for which you'd like to have download access to the latest installers. That would most likely be the Professional Edition, which, because it was purchased as an upgrade, is identified among your registrations as TheSkyX Serious to Professional for Windows (Download Only) . There is no need to renew your subscription to
  • Re: broken power switch on older paramount

    Do you know if it is a Paramount GT-1100S, or a Paramount ME? The former has the power switch located on the east side (in northern hemisphere) of the RA housing, the latter has it on the equator-facing side of the RA housing. [quote user="jwheel69"]We can still use the mount by just unplugging or plugging it in with the connector below the
  • Re: Dome Controller Software

    Chris, The software would have been provided on some form of media—I think it would have been DVD-ROM back in 2008. Presently, we provide a USB flash ("thumb") drive with our mounts. But then, as now, you would also have the option to download the software from our server, though that privilege expires a year after the software is registered
  • Re: The Sky-X Pro on Eagle 3

    The minimum system requirements for each Edition of TheSkyX Astronomy Software are available at the following links: Professional , Serious Astronomer , Student . While your system isn't a powerhouse by today's standards, it should run TheSkyX Pro okay. I'll also draw your attention to our 14-day satisfaction guarantee, as described in our
  • Re: SkyX installer

    As described at the second link I gave in my previous response, you may ask our Front Desk staff to issue a temporary software serial number. But as TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows was registered to your account today, you should be ready to go. You can use the included 90-day free trials of the TPoint Add On and Camera Add On . Since you already
  • Re: SkyX installer

    [quote user="Dave Compton"]Should there also show an active subscription for SkyX?[/quote] Yes, one is needed in order to access its pertinent installers. A Paramount MYT comes with a Paramount MYT Software Suite serial number that is used for this purpose. [quote user="Dave Compton"]Do I have to wait on the usb drive? [/quote] Does
  • Re: MyT and MX+ sideral tracking noise

    Congratulations on acquiring the Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount! And thank you, also, for following up on this thread with your real-world observations. We're pleased that the mount is performing well for you.
  • Re: 48V Power just curious

    [quote user="Dave Compton"]I've ordered a MyT…[/quote] Congratulations on choosing a Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount! [quote user="Dave Compton"]Why is it that your power supplies are +48V versus 12?[/quote] I'll leave the history aspect to someone else to address. But as far as the merits, higher voltage is
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