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  • Re: The Sky X subscription renewal

    Edd, Thank you for your interest in renewing your subscription to TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows ! I've just asked our Front Desk staff to correct your subscription status. Please allow 1-3 business days for this to be completed. Thank you for your patience.
  • Re: Supported Equipment

    [quote user="SinclairMC"]Does that sound promising?[/quote] Yes. For information on devices supported by TheSkyX , please see: An OS-specific table of telescopes supported in TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is here . An OS-specific table of telescopes supported in TheSkyX Professional Edition is here . OS-specific tables of the Camera Add
  • Re: @Focus3

    [quote user="krueckschloss"]Don’t have the exact build number on me but when I Help/Search for Updates, it tells me that I have the latest version.[/quote] "TheSkyX is up to date", I think you mean. But does it also indicate that a daily build is available? Since you don't see the @Focus3 button, I'm fairly sure you've
  • Re: Supported Equipment

    Thank you for your interest in TheSkyX Astronomy Software ! You left out at least one important detail—what OS are you using (Windows, macOS, Linux)? If your Meade LX90 has an Autostar or Audiostar hand controller, then both TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition and TheSkyX Professional Edition would be able to control your mount. To add camera control
  • Re: @Focus3

    What OS? And what is the exact version and build of TheSkyX Professional Edition ? You have activated the Camera Add On , (even if it's the free trial) right? With a fairly recent build, you should see the @Focus3 button next to the @Focus2 button on the Display > Camera and Display > Autoguider window's Focus Tools tabs. UPDATE: Just
  • Re: TheSkyX Pro

    The version you report doesn't make sense. Is it truly TheSkyX ? If so, it should be a version 10.x.x., with the current latest for the Professional Edition being 10.5.0 build 12034 (for Windows) or build 12033 (for Mac). You may well benefit from an upgrade, but "need" is subjective. Incidentally, I notice that your sosavar member account
  • Re: MX RA gear looseness

    See our Paramount MX Cam Stop Adjustment Instructions , or, for all Paramount GEM models except the original ME, the newer Paramount GEM Cam Stop and Spring Plunger Adjustment Instructions . Also see Tom Bisque's tip on spring plunger adjustment . EDIT: Sorry, the first link was initially for the Paramount ME, rather than the MX; I've corrected
  • Re: Paramount MyT USB interface

    [quote user="BobHiggins"]Does the Paramount MyT interface to the computer (USB) appear to the PC as a local serial port?[/quote] Yes. [quote user="BobHiggins"]Presuming a PC to be located at the mount, connected to the MyT[/quote] You might find this Mr. SkyBoxx goes to Winter Star Party blog article of interest. [quote user="BobHiggins"
  • Re: can not login to the sky prof

    Per your similar thread of last year , I contacted you then by private email, and, in the course of our exchange, I gave you very detailed and customized step-by-step instructions on exactly what you need to do. You didn't follow up, so I wonder did you succeed in getting TheSkyX Professional Edition installed at that time, or since? I think it
  • Re: Printing Charts

    I'm glad you found it. Using the default Normal.svp properties file, the Sky Chart's default Chart Mode fill colour is white. So you apparently had either altered its properties, and/or loaded a different properties (.SVP) file. Tip: In the Display Explorer window, click on the icon (not the label) for a node, such as Sky Chart, to open the
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