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  • Re: Mount not moving or connecting

    Hello, I ultimately decided that the MKS 5000 board needed replacing, and I ordered one from Software Bisque. I filled out the RMA request form and gave my mount serial number and ID, so that you could configure the new board for me. I downloaded the instructions on how to install. The first step is to save the existing control system parameters, but
  • Re: handpaddle

    Thank you for replying to my query. I read that in the handbook -- "that by double clicking on the joystick I can home the mount", but I did not understand what that meant. The joystick is a little knob not a track pad. What exactly is the motion I would make with the joystick to manually home the telescope?
  • handpaddle

    Hello, Should I be able to move the telescope using the handpaddle just by plugging in the hand paddle and turning on the telescope? Even without a computer or without theSkyX or without homing the telescope? Thank you
  • Mount not moving or connecting

    The telescope mount (paramount me ii) will no longer connect to the computer (windows 10 w/ skyX version 10.5.0 build 10305 professional edition). There is no com port for the telescope that shows up under "mount settings" when I try to connect the telescope to the SkyX. On my Windows 10 machine, I notice there is a problem with the telescope
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