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  • Re: MyT and RASA 11

    It is near the rated weight limit but the OTA is short and the FL is very short so it should not be a problem. I have extensively used mounts (AP and SB) above the rated weight with good results, probably because the official rating is below actual max capacity. The weakest point is usually the tripod/pier and it looks like you have that covered.
  • Re: Mount suggestion request

    I use MYT with C11-HD at prime focus (f/10) and >10 lb EMCCD camera and 50mm aux scope+ZWO; all with good results. The MYT tripod-pier is very compact and light weight; good for traveling to remote sites. But stability with C11 at f/10 is problematic, especially in breezy conditions (often requiring a wind break). It is probably OK for Hyperstar
  • Re: MYT, 10 inch Newt, breezy conditions

    The potential problems for those 2 cases are virtually identical because it appears that the only difference is OTA weight and both are within MYT specs. I would not expect any difference at all, other than the CF OTA holding focus for longer periods. The biggest potential problem is wind/breezes. Newt OTA really catches the breeze that too easily induces
  • Re: TheSky and MYT orders

    " I have used DSLRs up to now. I am looking at the ZWO ASI071MC Pro (color)" If you don't mind some unsolicited advice: Avoid "color" cameras because they are seriously crippled by the Bayer matrix. The Bayer filters are inefficient for deep imaging color (compared to RGB or esp LRGB) and essentially prohibit narrow-band (a major
  • Re: Looking into MyT or MX+

    I've used both and the Honda generator is a much better solution that batteries (+inverter) unless you are in a campground or other place that may disturb the peace. The EGO battery is nice but cannot power camera, etc. Also: I responded via "quick reply" that has not been posted regarding MyT and tripod: MyT is too small for C14 and the
  • Re: Looking into MyT or MX+

    " plan on upgrading to a 11in or 14in SCT" C11 works well on MYT but the tripod is problematic unless there is no breeze. The MYT tripod works well enough for C8 so it may be marginally acceptable for C9.25. C14 with camera block is too much for MYT. It can handle the weight but even on a rigid permanent pier the image vibrates too much (manual
  • Re: Ego Battery options

    I like the Ego system except that it has very limited availability (only Home Depot) and is incompatible with any other makes and isn't cheap. One thing to consider is getting a weed-whipper or other Ego tool that comes with a battery and charger - then the mount power is sort-of "free". Discharge depends greatly on the amount of slewing
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