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  • Re: T Point

    Thankyou Brian Alignment stays ok during a session. crossing the meridian things do deteriorate. the mirror is not locked - I will investigate this but the C11 is about 6 years old and I don’t know if it can be done easily. the main issue is or has been during the observatory build and loosing alignment due to changing cameras or other hardware
  • TPoint

    Hello I am a scientist/engineer with a love of astronomy but never previously had the time or resources to indulge in a telescope. Now I am retired and have both. BUT I am disabled and can not bend and move around very easily. I have built up a system based on a remote pulsar dome with an EQ6 pro mount, Celestron C11 telescope, two ZWO cameras, a tetrad
  • Re: GOTO scope - TheSky compatibility

    I am looking to purchase the Skyx pro product for an iMAC with ethernet, thunderbolt and usb3 ports but following much confusion and non working alternative arrangements: 1. Can you please definitively confirm that Skyx will reliably connect to an EQ6 Pro mount with the old type synscan controller that is not not flash updateable ( model 2 I believe
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