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  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Hello Brian, I did get the "Firmware not supported" at my initial attempt to connect TheSkyX with the original GT1100S. I did read the MKS Serial Port Utility Application page, and the Appendix C of the Paramount ME User Guide. Once I had the MKS-O-Rama running I shut down the mount, reconfigured both switches to "program" and powered
  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Hello Brian, I have installed TheSkyX, looks great. Nest step is to get connected, and now it seems my mount is a bit old and cannot communicate ("firmware not supported"). After much research on your site it seems that the firmware of the MKS3000 needs upgrading to work with TheSkyX. This upgrade was -very difficult- due to the inability
  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Hello Brian, thanks for the tip on the power supply, I definitely have 48V power, so then I will go ahead and get TheSkyX. On your website you have instructions titled "Paramount ME MKS 5000 Upgrade Instructions" and in there it mentions this particular upgrade not being compatible with the GT-1100S model. it would be nice if there were other
  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Thanks Brian, I registered -The Sky- and now understand I need to disassemble the mount to see the board. Possibly when the weather is not cooperating, like this weekend. Assuming I find the MKS3000 all is well, what other possible controller could I find and what are my options of upgrading this? Can I get to an MKS3000 or 4000 in any case? I see that
  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Thanks Brian, I have registered my software and that seems to be done now, and looked at the options, thanks - I will upgrade once I understand if my mount can work with the new control software. How exactly am I to find the control system board? Which part of the mount is it located in? The mount is completely stock, I am the original owner, so adding
  • Re: upgrading GT1100S

    Hello Brian, I looked at my instruction manual and it is clearly for a GT1100S, what would the software upgrade cost? I was looking ot have USB 3.0 at the telescope for the camera, is it easy to add another cable through the mount? kind regards, Randy Dunton Phoenix Arizona
  • upgrading GT1100S

    Hello ! what are my options to upgrade my GT1100S mount purchased in 1999 in order to use the latest control software and also support USB 3.0 on the scope? Randy Dunton Phoenix AZ
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