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  • Re: Connecting to telescope

    Brian, Thanks for the help! I used the original serial number since i was performing an 'Upgrade' and with many applications the version changes but the serial stays the same. Also, it would be helpful to future newcomers like myself to be directed to the 'Subscriptions' page of our accounts for the appropriate information to be used
  • Re: Connecting to telescope

    Brian, I started with the light version and then bought the serious version. The only serial number I had to use is the one from the light version. If I was supposed to use a different serial number I don’t know where to obtain the correct number from. Purchase invoice number is INV33240 Version 10.5.0 Build 10305 SN - { redacted } Don
  • Re: Connecting to telescope

    Brian, Thanks for the reply. The 'Telescope' menu selection for the software is empty other than 'get more information'. When I select the 'get more information' selection I can see a very short appearance of something trying to execute that appears like an attempt to connect...I'm not too sure since it's covered up with
  • Connecting to telescope

    I just bought TheSkyX Serious version software and am unable to connect to my Celestron SCT on an Advanced VX mount. The hand control version is 'GEM 5.28.5300' & the motor control is version 7.11.5056. I've ohmed out the cable and verified the hand control physical RJ22 connection, both seem to be ok and I've verified the USB to
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