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  • Camera Add On to TheSkyX Professional Edition (Mac or Windows) (

    Camera Control for TheSkyX Professional Edition
    Important Add On Notes: TheSkyX Professional Edition includes a 90-day free trial for all software Add Ons (including the Camera Add On, Dome Add On, and TPoint Add On). The optional Camera Add On is sold separately and is not included with TheSkyX Professional...
  • Dome Add On to TheSkyX Pro (Mac or Windows) (

    Dome Control for TheSkyX Pro
    Dome Add On to TheSkyX Professional Edition The optional TheSkyX Professional Edition Dome Add On automates the control of motorized domes and keeps the dome’s aperture synchronized with the telescope’s optic when the telescope is slewed and...
  • EGO™ Battery to Paramount Power Adaptor (

    Portable Paramount Power Adaptor; EGO battery sold separately
    Battery Powered Paramount Need portable power for your Paramount? No problem! The EGO™ to Paramount Power Adaptor connects directly to EGO batteries. (EGO 56V 2AH batteries , 56V 4AH batteries , 56V 5AH batteries , 56V 7.5AH batteries , Standard...
  • Instrument Panel PCB (MKS 5000) (

    Paramount GEM Accessory
    The Instrument Panel printed circuit board (PCB) is mounted inside the small aluminum box (pictured above) mounted underneath the Versa-Plate and is compatible with the following model mounts: Paramount MYT Paramount MX Paramount MX+ Paramount ME II Paramount...
  • Meade 16-inch OTA Mounting Rings (

    Meade 16-inch Optical Tube Mounting Rings for the Paramount ME II and Paramount Taurus 400
    These 16 inch (40 cm) OTA mounting rings precisely fit the Meade 16 inch telescope and have hole patterns to securely attach the OTA to the Paramount ME II Versa-Plate, or on the Paramount Taurus 400 equatorial fork. This ring set can optionally mount...
  • MKS 5000 Printed Circuit Board (

    The Paramount MX control system electronics
    The MKS 5000 printed circuit board is the main control system electronics for the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+, Paramount MYT German equatorial mount, and the Paramount Taurus 400, 500, and 600 models equatorial fork mount. Paramount ME II, MX and MYT...
  • Mounting Ring Dovetail Accessory Plate (

    Dovetail Accessory Plate for Software Bisque OTA Mounting Rings and Taurus 400, 500 and 600
    The Paramount Mounting Ring Dovetail Accessory Plate can be attached to any of the Software Bisque OTA Mounting rings (Celestron 11-inch, Celestron 14-inch and Meade 16-inch) to carry additional equipment (guiders, finders etc.) on the Paramount ME II...
  • Paramount and MKS 5000 Hand Paddle/Joystick (

    Hand paddle for all MKS 5000-controlled Paramount mounts
    Paramount MKS 5000 controlled hand paddle. This hand paddle is included with all Paramount mounts that use the MKS 5000 control system, including: Paramount MYT Paramount MX/MX+ Paramount ME II Paramount Taurus Model 400 Paramount Taurus Model 500 Paramount...
  • Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly (

    Replacement MKS 5000 Homing Sensor Cable (RA and Declination Axis)
    The Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly replaces the existing homing sensor cable for the following models: Paramount ME II Paramount MX Paramount MX+ Paramount MYT Paramount Homing Sensor Replacement Instructions | Paramount MKS 5000 Electronics Replacement...
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