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Paramount MX/MX+ Polar Alignment Scope


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Includes polar scope, cover and mounting bracket


Manufactured By: Software Bisque
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The Paramount MX Polar Scope is used to optically align the Paramount MX German equatorial mount's polar axis to the celestial pole.  

Note to Digital Imagers

These technologies essentially supersede the Paramount polar alignment scope:

  • TheSkyX Pro's Accurate Polar Alignment (APA) routine provides a software-based, accurate and relatively fast polar alignment method, even when the celestial pole is not visible.
  • The QHY PoleMaster is an easy-to-use, high-precision electronic polar scope and the Paramount MYT/MX+ PoleMaster Adaptor can be used to attach the PoleMaster to the Paramount's Dec axis.

Visual imagers can still benefit from this product.


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Reviewed by Don Town wrote This is my review of Paramount ME II/MX Polar Alignment Scope
on 10-10-2014 9:18 PM
I just purchased an MX+ with tripod so I can be portable vs. pier bound in my back yard. I should have added the polar scope from the start, but I am still new to astronomy and thought I could use other methods to get the mount polar aligned. The other methods work but they take time and are better suited to a pier. Installing the polar scope was strait forward and I followed the instructions. Be warned - there is not a lot of room for the polar scope running down the RA Axis and the internal wiring. The next step requires aligning the polar scope to the mount. The polar scope came with an Allen Key to adjust three screws - nice but, it would be a lot easier if the kit came with 3 Allen keys - it is a real pain in the neck and other parts of your anatomy fussing with a single key and three very small hex screws. I am still trying to find two more Allen keys to fine tune the alignment. My latitude is around 45 degrees, and with the MX+ on the Bisque tripod, you have to sit on the ground to get your eye to the eyepiece. I am tall, so I had to hunch up to see Polaris. It would be a lot easier on my back if the polar scope had a 90 or 45 degree diagonal. The MX+ pyramid extender is another option if you value your back. Another bone to pick is with the retical illuminator - you have to screw it in after you remove the polar scope protective cover but there is no convenient place to stow it. Reserve some space in your eyepiece case. It would be nice if it could be left in place and still be protected by the cover (doubles as a shot glass!) but it would have to get smaller to do that. Another solution would be to somehow stow it inside the cover. My last comment deals with cover on the other end of the polar scope. I went out and purchased a pair of Teflon wing screws so I didn't need to mess in the dark with another Allen key to remove and re-install the cover. I want to keep bugs, dust, and dirt from going down the opening and will replace the cover when not in use. If the folks at Bisque want to refine their design, it would be nice to add some hardware to enable quick removal and re-installation of the plate and a chain or cord to keep the cover captive to the mount. The MX+ looks great, and I don't want to lose things like the cover plate. Bottom line - the polar alignment scope works, but there a few problems that could be improved on.


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