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Paramount MYT Accessory


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  • 1.5" Paramount MYT Counterweight Shaft (

    Standard Length (13 in, 31 cm)
    This is the standard counterweight shaft that is included with all Paramount MYT mounts. Dimensions: 31 cm (13 in.) long and 3.8 cm (1.5 in.) in diameter. This length shaft holds up to four (4) 9 kg (20 lb.) or up to four (4) 4.5 kg (10 lb.) counterweights...
  • Paramount MYT Soft Carrying Case Set  (

    Paramount MYT Accessory
    Transport your Paramount MYT to the next star party, public outreach, or astronomical event in style! This set of soft-sided carrying cases accepts the Paramount MYT and Paramount MYT Accessory Kit packing foam (not included*). The cases feature Velcro...
  • Paramount MYT Dec Axis to Versa-Plate Spacer (

    Paramount MYT Accessory
    This optional two-piece spacer can be placed between the top of the Paramount MYT declination axis and the Versa-Plate to create more room for through-the-mount cabling. The spacer is particularly useful when the Versa-Plate is mounted in the wide orientation...
  • C11 OTA Mounting Rings (

    11-inch OTA Mounting Rings for the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+ and MYT
    The Software Bisque 11-inch (27 cm) OTA mounting rings precisely fit the Celestron C11 and RASA 11-inch optical tube assemblies, and have threaded hole patterns to securely attach the OTA to the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+ or Paramount MYT Versa-Plate...
  • Paramount MYT Extended-Length Tripod Carrying Case (

    Longer length case accepts the Paramount MYT Tripod with an extension tube attached
    The 41-inch long (104 cm) Paramount MYT Extended-Length Tripod Carrying Case carries the 31-inch (79 cm) Paramount MYT Tripod * with the optional Paramount MYT Tripod 10-inch Extension Tube * attached. *The Paramount MYT Tripod and Paramount MYT Tripod...
  • Paramount MYT/MX+ PoleMaster Adaptor (

    Paramount MX+ and Paramount MYT Polar Alignment Option Adaptor
    The Paramount MYT/MX+ PoleMaster Adaptor is used to attach the QHYCCD PoleMaster ™ camera to the Paramount MYT or Paramount MX+ mount to assist with polar alignment. Important Note: The original Paramount MX incorporated a circular declination axis...
  • Instrument Panel PCB (MKS 5000) (

    Paramount GEM Accessory
    The Instrument Panel printed circuit board (PCB) is mounted inside the small aluminum box (pictured above) mounted underneath the Versa-Plate and is compatible with the following model mounts: Paramount MYT Paramount MX Paramount MX+ Paramount ME II Paramount...
  • Paramount MYT Worm Block (

    Replacement Worm Block for the Paramount MYT Dec or RA Axis
    Paramount MYT worm block assembly replacement. Paramount ME II/MX+/MYT Worm Block Replacement Instructions | Warranty Policy and Product Return Procedure
  • Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly (

    Replacement MKS 5000 Homing Sensor Cable (RA and Declination Axis)
    The Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly replaces the existing homing sensor cable for the following models: Paramount ME II Paramount MX Paramount MX+ Paramount MYT Paramount Homing Sensor Replacement Instructions | Paramount MKS 5000 Electronics Replacement...
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