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  • 8-Conductor Through the Mount Power Cable (

    Adaptor Panel to MKS 4000 Harness
    The 8-Conductor throught the mount power cable provides the power from the Adaptor Panel to the MKS 4000 control system . The cable is used in the Paramount ME , Bisque TCS Standard Edition and Bisque TCS Professional products. Adaptor Panel Replacement...
  • MKS 4000 Adaptor Panel (

    Adaptor Panel Electronics for the MKS 4000 (Paramount ME, Bisque TCS)
    The Paramount ME Adaptor Panel is a legacy product that is nearing end of life. The cost to manufacture this product has increased considerably, necessitating an increase in the cost of this product. Software Bisque previously required a security deposit...
  • MKS 4000 Main Electronics Board (

    Paramount ME and MKS 4000 Bisque TCS Control System
    MKS 4000 printed control board (PCB) for the Paramount ME , Bisque TCS Standard Edition and Bisque TCS Professional Edition . Please see the Warranty Policy and Product Return Procedures page about warranty and non-warranty replacement policies and procedures...
  • MKS 5000 Electronics Board (

    The Paramount MX control system electronic board
    This component is the main control system board for the Paramount ME II, Paramount MX+ and Paramount MYT Robotic Telescope Mount. Paramount ME II, MX and MYT Electronics Replacement Instructions | Warranty Policy and Product Return Procedure
  • Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly (

    Replacement MKS 5000 Homing Sensor Cable (RA and Declination Axis)
    The Paramount Homing Sensor Cable Assembly replaces the existing homing sensor cable for the following models: Paramount ME II Paramount MX Paramount MX+ Paramount MYT Paramount Homing Sensor Replacement Instructions | Paramount MKS 5000 Electronics Replacement...
  • Paramount ME Dec Motor (

    Replacement Declination Motor for the Paramount ME
    Replacement Pittman Elcom brushless DC-servomotor for the declination axis of the Paramount ME. (The motor shaft pulley is not included.) Paramount ME Motor Replacement (PDF) | Warranty Policy and Product Return Procedure
  • Paramount ME Fuse Cover with USB Access (

    Paramount ME Accessory
    This cover contains a rectangular hole to access the USB port and replaces the existing fuse cover. (Included with all Paramount MEs shipped starting February, 2006.)
  • Paramount ME Homing Sensor Cable Assembly (

    Homing Sensors for both RA and Declination Axis and Cabling (MKS 4000)
    Replacement Paramount ME MKS 4000 homing sensor cable assembly. Notes: This cable assembly includes both the right ascension and declination homing sensors (the two black components on the end of the cable shown on the right side of the store photo above...
  • Paramount ME Joystick and Paramount ME II/MX Hand Paddle Cord (

    Replace existing Paramount hand paddle or joystick curly cord
    Replacement curly cord for: Paramount ME Joystick Paramount ME II Hand Paddle Paramount MX Hand Paddle Bisque TCS (MKS 4000) Joystick Bisque TCS (MKS 5000) Hand Paddle
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