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The Software Bisque Store lets you purchase astronomy-related products that are published or manufactured by Software Bisque, Inc.


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  • Paramount ME II Dec Axis to Versa-Plate Spacer (

    Paramount ME II Accessory
    This optional two-piece spacer can be placed between the top of the Paramount ME II declination axis and the Versa-Plate to create more room for through-the-mount cabling. The spacer is particularly useful when the Versa-Plate is mounted in the wide orientation...
  • Paramount ME II Large Dovetail (

    Paramount ME II Versa-Plate Accessory
    The Paramount ME II Large Dovetail is an optional accessory that enables the Paramount ME II’s Versa-Plate to accept optical tube assemblies that use the Planewave Instrument dovetails (including PlaneWave Instruments and Officina Stellare telescopes...
  • Paramount ME II Polar Alignment Scope (

    The Paramount ME II Polar Scope is used to optically align the Paramount ME II German equatorial mount's polar axis to the celestial pole. Note to Digital Imagers These technologies essentially supersede the Paramount polar alignment scope: TheSkyX Pro...
  • Paramount ME II Power Supply (

    Paramount ME II Accessory
    Paramount ME II (and optional Paramount MX+) Power Supply The Paramount ME II power supply is included with the mount as a standard component, and is also sold separately as an optional , higher wattage power supply for the Paramount MX+ to achieve maximum...
  • Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope System (

    Own a Paramount ME II Today!
    Please visit the Paramount ME II web page for details about the Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope System. If you wish to pay for Paramount ME II in full, now, please order the product on this page. If you would like to place a non-refundable deposit for...
  • Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope System (OAE) (

    Paramount ME II with On-Axis Absolute Encoders
    The Paramount ME II with on-axis absolute encoders (OAE) offer better than 0.1 arcsecond resolution, with typical TPoint assisted 5-10 arcsecond RMS pointing accuracy. On-axis absolute encoders essentially eliminate periodic error, and since the mount...
  • Paramount ME II Software Suite (

    Software included with the Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope Mount
    The Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope Mount comes with the following suite of software: TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac TheSkyX Professional Edition for Windows TheSkyX Professional Edition for Linux TheSkyX Professional Edition for Raspbian (Raspberry...
  • Paramount ME II Versa-Plate (

    Optional Paramount ME and Paramount ME II Accessory
    The Paramount ME II Versa-Plate is included as a standard component of the Paramount ME II Robotic Telescope Mount . The Paramount ME II Versa-Plate is compatible with the earlier generation Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount. The Versa-Plate has a...
  • Paramount ME II Versa-Plate Brass Plunger (

    Replaces One of the Four Versa-Plate Plungers
    One replacement brass plunger for the Paramount ME II Versa-Plate. The Paramount ME II Versa-Plate uses four brass plungers.
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