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TheSkyX Student to Serious for Mac (Download)


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Upgrade from Student to Serious Astronomer Edition


Optional Subscription of $30.00 each following year
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Manufactured By: Software Bisque
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TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition Upgrade from TheSkyX Student Edition*

TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is a native Mac OS X application and comes equipped with all tools to bring depth and breadth to your astronomy pursuits. TheSkyX Serious Astronomer Edition is a comprehensive and full-featured tool to help you explore and actively develop an understanding of basic astronomy. You can learn the constellations (labeled with their phonetic pronunciation), watch planetary motion over days or centuries, witness solar and lunar eclipses, or show detailed drawings of mythological characters and so much more.

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Upgrade Eligibility

Edition Serious
Operating System: Mac
Delivery Method: Download Only

Minimum System Requirements

  • A registered copy of TheSkyX Student Edition
  • OS: macOS or OS X, version 10.4.8, or later
  • Processor: 1.25 GHz G4 PowerPC, or faster ‒or‒ 2 GHz Intel Core Duo, or faster
  • RAM: 512 MB
  • Display: 1024 x 768 pixels with millions of colors (Retina is recommended)
  • Video RAM: 64 MB
  • Storage: 1.25 GB free space
  • Installation: High-speed internet access to download product
  • Mouse or other pointing device
  • Keyboard

TheSkyX does not include a printed user guide. Use the Preview application to view TheSkyX User Guide from Mac OS X.

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