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Article Number: SBKB-10-10004

Meade Autostar Ignores Abort Move Command On Goto's

Information in this article applies to:
  • TheSky Astronomy Software version 5.00.000 and later


When communicating with the Autostar version 1.3 via its built-in serial port, the Autostar ignores the abort move command (":Q#") when slewing to an object.

To duplicate this behavior, run HyperTerminal (9600, 8, None, 1, No Flow Control) and send the ":MS#" command to start the telescope slewing. Then send the ":Q#" command to abort the move.

This is a limitation with the Autostar version 1.3. A work around is to use press the Autostar's hand controller to abort a go to command.





More Information

Contact the telescope's manufacturer to determine if an updated version of the firmware is available.

Modified: July 26, 2004