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SBIG Software Bisque Product Installation Browser

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The following article describes a problem installing the CCDSoft Demonstration Software from the SBIG Software Bisque Product Installation Browser. 


When the Install CCDSoft button is clicked from the "Install Software Bisque Demonstration Software" page, the setup application for CCDOPS for DOS is launched.



An incorrect version of setup.exe is present on the CD-ROM, causing the wrong setup application to be launched.



The existing setup.exe file must be replaced with an updated version.  The following procedure describes how. 

1.  Copy the files from the SBI\CCDSoft folder on the CD-ROM to a folder on your hard drive.
2.   Delete setup.exe from this folder.
3. Click here to download the updated setup.exe (73,728 bytes). 
4. From the File Download dialog box, click the Save this program to disk option, then click OK.
5. From the Save As dialog box, navigate to the folder that contains the CCDSoft files.
6. Click Save.  

To install the CCDSoft Demonstration Software, run setup.exe from the folder on your hard drive and follow the onscreen instructions.


More Information

Software Bisque has confirmed this to be a bug on the SBIG Software Bisque Product Installation Browser and will correct this problem on the next release.  No release date has been set.


Modified: September 08, 2005