"Don't Forget This Week's Most Spectacular Celestial Gathering of the
Year! And: An Exquisite Moon Bids Farewell To Winter Stars"

Scheduled air date: 1998 Apr 20-26

98Mar30b.gif (16119 bytes)
Don't forget to see Jupiter, Venus and the Moon clustered together in the pre-dawn sky of Thursday, April 23!
(This illustration approximates the view through a pair of binoculars.)

98Apr20a.gif (21842 bytes)
The young crescent Moon will pass by some popular Winter-time objects—the Pleiades (or Seven Sisters) on the 27th, Taurus and the red star Aldebaran on the 28th, and Orion on the 29th—shortly before they give way to the Summer-time skies.
(Illustration shows the evening skies about thirty minutes after sunset for mid-Northern latitudes.)

98Apr20b.gif (8647 bytes)
By the middle of next week, Scorpio—a popular Summer-time constellation—begins appearing in the pre-midnight skies.


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