"This Week's Saturn/Moon Rise, Next Week's Venus/Moon Pairing, And
Summer Midnight Magic"

Scheduled air date: 1998 Jul 13-19

98Jul13a.gif (12337 bytes)
The Summer Triangle asterism can be seen directly overhead around midnight for the next couple of weeks.
Also note the Milky Way stretching from NE to SW, passing through the Summer Triangle and the constellations Sagittarius and Scorpius.

98Jul13b.gif (6002 bytes)
On the morning of July 17th, a Last Quarter Moon rises just below Saturn (shown at 1:30am, Daylight Saving Time)...

98Jul13c.gif (6349 bytes)
...and on the 21st, a thin crescent Moon rises just below Venus (shown at 4:50am, Daylight Saving Time).


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