"A New Way to Use the Big Dipper, and: Venus Pays a Visit to the Seven Sisters"

Scheduled air date: 1999 Apr 05-11

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For the next couple of weeks, Mars can be seen to form a triangle with the bright stars Spica and Arcturus.  You can use the handle of the Big Dipper to help locate them: extend the arc of the handle away from the dipper, and you'll encounter reddish Arcturus; continue and you'll come to white Spica.  As Mars will be at its closest to Earth, it will outshine both of these stars.
(Shown about 10:00pm for mid-Northern latitudes.  Mars' position is shown for the night of April 11th)

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And on the evenings of April 10th through the 13th, Venus can be seen passing to the South of the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters, just after dark.
The inset shows a binocular view of the position of Venus for each of these nights.

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