"Mercury and The Gemini Twins, and: The Heliacal Rising of The Dog Star"

Scheduled air date: 1999 Aug 09-15

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Don't forget to watch the Perseid meteor shower which peaks the morning of Aug 13.   For best viewing, watch between midnight and dawn from a dark location away from city lights.
(Shown about 2:00am on August 13th for mid-Northern latitudes.)

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And also watch for the reappearance of the brightest star in the nighttime sky—Sirius, the dog star—which rises in the twilight just before the Sun.   You can use the three belt stars of Orion to help point you to where Sirius will rise.
Also visible in the pre-dawn sky is the smallest and closest planet to the Sun, Mercury.   The twin stars Castor and Pollux can help point you toward this elusive planet.
(Shown about an hour before Sunrise on August 14 for mid-Northern latitudes.)

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