"Three Outrageously Wonderful Planets for the Holiday Season, 2000"

Scheduled air date: 2000 Nov 20-26

The bright planet Venus—currently in the role of "Evening Star"—is prominent in the southwestern sky after sunset.  On the evenings of November 28th and especially the 29th, a thin Waxing Crescent Moon can be seen nearby.
(Shown about an hour after sunset for mid-Northern latitudes.)

The giant planets Jupiter and Saturn are low in the eastern sky shortly after sunset.  As the night progresses, they climb high overhead— culminating shortly after midnight—and then descend toward the western horizon, setting just before sunrise.  Jupiter is at opposition (directly opposite the Sun as seen from Earth) and therefore at its closest and brightest early next week.
(Shown about 90 minutes after sunset late this week/early next for mid-Northern latitudes.)

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