"Mars At Opposition This Week! and; An Exquisite Venus/Moon Visit"

Scheduled air date: 2001 Jun 11-17

The planet Mars is at opposition—directly opposite the Sun as seen from Earth—on June 13th, and will be above the horizon all night long, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise.
(Shown about an hour after sunset for mid-Northern latitudes.)

This will be Mars' closest opposition since 1988, approaching within 42 million miles of Earth on June 21st (which also happens to be Earth's Summer Solstice).  The next opposition of Mars will be in 2003, and will be 7 million miles closer.

But don't forget to watch as the Waxing Crescent Moon passes by the planet Venus in the morning sky at the end of this week and early next.
(Shown about an hour before sunrise for mid-Northern latitudes.)

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