"Mars and the Two Marvelous Star Clusters that Ride Above the Scorpion's Tail"

Scheduled air date: 2001 Aug 13-19

The Open Star Clusters known as M6 and M7 can be seen by the unaided eye under dark skies, just above the tail of the constellation Scorpius—the Scorpion.  M7 is composed of mostly yellow stars at a distance of about 800 light years from Earth.  M6 is composed of mostly blue-white stars at a distance of about 1600 light years.
(Shown about 9:00 PM any night this week for mid-Northern latitudes; Mars' positions shown at two-day intervals from August 13th through 27th. Simulated binocular/low-power telescope views of M6 and M7 are shown in the insets.)

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