"This Year's Strange Non-Harvest September Moon and Dueling Constellations"

Scheduled air date: 2001 Aug 27-Sep 02

This week's Full Moon—the farthest from Earth of the year—will be nearly 31000 miles/49000km farther than the Full Moon of February—the closest of the year.  Because it is farther, this Full Moon will appear both smaller...

...and about 30% dimmer than the Full Moon of February.
(Shown for mid-Northern latitudes around 1:00 AM—midnight for areas not observing Daylight Saving Time—on the night of September 2nd-3rd.)

The summer constellation Scorpius now sets in the evening sky...
(Shown about two hours after sunset on September 2nd for mid-Northern latitudes.)

...while the winter constellation Orion rises in the early morning hours.
(shown about four hours before sunrise on September 3rd for mid-Northern latitudes.)

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