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Paramount GT-1100

The Paramount GT-1100 is Software Bisque's new robotic telescope mount. This mount has been designed with the CCD-imager in mind, and incorporates many industry-first features!

As our installed-base continues to increase, we are hearing many good reports from our Paramount GT-1100 owners. Here's what one owner has to say:

"I’m incredibly impressed with the pointing accuracy. It’s a beautiful piece of engineering...well thought should be congratulated!"

—1997 May 22, Paramount owner M.S.

The Mount in Pictures

Following are pictures of the Paramount GT-1100, and some of its components.

Paramount GT-1100 (shown on optional pier)

Hand Controller

The Paramount hand controller allows manual movement of the telescope mount in several speeds, as well as provides access to special functions defined in TheSky software.

Hand Controller

More to Come...

In the near future, we will be adding more pictures and product information to this page. Please stay tuned!

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