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Welcome to the Software Bisque Support Corner. The purpose of this web page is to enhance the support services we provide to our customers. We've included a number of resources here to help you obtain free product enhancements, resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our products and service.

Before submitting a technical support request, please check the following:

  • Visit the Downloads page to make sure you have the latest version of the software.  If you do not have the latest version, please download, install and test the update before submitting a technical support request.  

  • Read the Frequently Asked Questions page for the product.  Most commonly asked questions have been answered there.

Note that you must be a registered customer in order to receive technical support.  When submitting a technical support request, you must provide the following information:

  • The serial number of the product. (The following products require a valid serial number: TheSky Level II, III, IV version 4 and 5, CCDSoft version 4 and 5, TheSky Pocket Edition and TPoint.)

  • The exact version of the operating system you are using.

  • The exact version of the software you are using (click Help > About to view this information).  If you do not have the latest release, please download the latest release before submitting a technical support request.

  • The exact wording of any error messages you may have encountered.

  • What command or operation causes the problem.

  • Please search the Knowledge Base Articles.  Many technical support issues are addressed in the Software Bisque Knowledge Base.

Your request will be forwarded to support technician and answered by a via email in the order the request was received.  We strive to return technical support requests in 48 to 72 business hours from the time they are received.  However, because of the complexity of some technical requests, this is not always possible.

You may also obtain technical support by facsimile at 303-278-0045, or by submitting a technical support request.

Knowledge Base Articles

Missing DLLs

TheSky Crashes at Startup

Autostar Ignores Tenths of Arc Minutes

Autostar Unable to Set Date To Last Day of Any Month

Autostar Ignores Abort Move Command

Autostar Unable to Set Latitude

CCDSoft Does Not Install Properly on SBIG CD-ROM


Miscellaneous Issues

CD-ROM #2 Why do I have 2 CD-ROMS with Level IV of TheSky?
Dealer Contract Download Dealer contract in PDF format.
FT.OCX Fix for CCDSoft image download problem "Undescribed Error 997" with RASCLient
Self Extracting EXE that places the file in the \Windows\System folder
NTIO.EXE Executable required for Apogee Cameras running
CCDSoft under Windows NT/2000.
Pixcel 237/ST-9E CCDSoft supports the ST-9E and Pixcel 237 CCD cameras!
RANIP.EXE Fix for accessing Software Bisque's
Remote Astronomy Network (1-8-2000)
RSVClean.exe Registry Cleaner for removal of
RealSky/CCDSoft conflict.
USNO Data How to access the USNO data from
within TheSky Level IV. Program to Remove Win32s files in ZIP file
includes README instructions.
WSTOOLS.EXE Latest version of WSTOOLS.EXE.  Fixes crashing when using the Conjunction
or Jovian moons sub-programs from within TheSky.
Adobe Acrobat Download the Acrobat Document Viewer for PDF
pdf.gif (995 bytes) files (Free).



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