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    No, I'm not talking about some knob on the Paramounts, I'm talking about MY “Latitude Adjustment”, which is a euphemism for the upcoming Winter Star Party (February 24-March 2nd) in the Florida Keys.

    It's hard to say what my favorite event of the year is, I really enjoy most shows or star parties that I get to attend, but the Winter Star Party is certainly a contender for the #1 spot. This year will be the 30th anniversary of the Winter Star Party, and my 10th consecutive year in attendance. The first 7 years I simply went as “me”, but the last three years I've gone as a registered “vendor”, or more specifically as a “manufacturer”. We don't set up a booth at the tents, we don't sell software on site, but we come to exhibit our hardware and software technologies. We answer questions, do some tech support, meet our customers, and yes probably do make a few sales although no money changes hands and we don't bring any inventory.

    This year I'm very excited that we are teaming up again with the guys at Officina Stellare. We'll be showing off a complete Falcon imaging system, which is what we put together for the Air Force space surveillance program. I just call this system, “Godzilla Scope”. If you see it in person you'll know why. They are also bringing their brand new Veloce RH-250, and I'll be bringing my own beloved Veloce RH-200 and hopefully defending my title as last year's winner of the astrophotography contest (wide field category).

    Of course we'll also have the full complement of Paramounts running the show, and using TheSkyX Pro and associated imaging technologies (Camera Add On, TPoint, Image Link) for everything. Steve Bisque will be joining me there for most of the week, and Gino and Giovanni will be over from Italy as well. There aren't many better opportunities to see our products in action, ask us pointed questions, or lobby in person for your favorite wish list feature!

    The food in the keys is also, with only a few exceptions… quite good. Micki's Kitchen on site also has the best brownies… and the fact that I can get a cheeseburger at 3 in the morning while imaging…. Okay, yeah, my #1 favorite event!

    Counting the days,


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