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    Richard S. Wright Jr.
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    Another trip around the Sun, and another fantastic long weekend in Suffern, NY at the annual NEAIC (North East Advanced Imaging Conference), and NEAF (North East Astronomy Forum). This was my 16th NEAF representing Software Bisque, and… I've lost count of NEAIC's… 6 or more I'm sure. This is my #1 favorite, non-star party event. Steve, myself, and our newest employee Peter Hardy (formally of Sky & Telescope) were there for both events. I never get a chance to attend the talks at either event it seems, but the vendor area was quite busy, and I think it was actually the largest NEAIC we've ever had. 300+ dedicated imagers and a couple of dozen vendors setup in the Crowne Plaza hotel. I really enjoy seeing my vendor friends, and several customers who have become regulars at these kinds of events.

    At the smaller NEAIC we had a Paramount MYT and talked to a great many people about their imaging challenges and successes. Saturday and Sunday we were setup at the Rockland Community College, and we had a more impressive spread. The MYT, an MX+, and a Taurus 400. The crowds here are huge and we hardly get a chance to get away from the booth. This is a good thing as a great many people wanted to see and touch the mounts themselves and ask questions about them.

    I made of list of questions and problems that were brought to my attention on the floor, and talking one-on-one with people is so much more enlightening than a support forum. This even is such a worth while investment of our time. The vendor-to-vendor camaraderie is also very important. We discussed device support in TheSkyX, the future of cross platform support, some new products in development (we want to have support out of the gate), and… possibly a new NEAF-Like event that will serve the mid-western part of the country. This is how we get so many things done, face to face, not over email.

    What's Next? Texas! I'll be on the North Field with other vendor friends again this year so come up and say hi! We'll have three Paramounts on the field this time and I'll be demonstrating our new live stacking feature using a Raspberry Pi! Also, if you're in the area, be sure and come out to the Grand Canyon Star Party this year. This year will have an extra helping of special sauce… it's the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing, the 100th anniversary of the National Park service, AND… Grand Canyon National Park is getting it's official designation from the IDA as a dark sky park! I plan to demonstrate live stacking again this year on both the North Rim (Monday and Tuesday), and South Rim (Wednesday – Saturday). During the day you may even catch me along with Sky-Watcher's Kevin Legore at the South Rim visitors center offering views of the Sun with special solar-safe viewing filters. I don't know for sure, but the GCSP has to be the largest outreach event of its kind in the world. Thousands of people each night for a solid week, many of whom have never even seen more than a handful of stars from a large city. You can expect a detailed accounting of this even when I get back.

    I'll also sneak in a plug for the Advanced Imaging Conference (AIC) in November. Software Bisque will be there as always as a founding sponsor of the event, and I am pleased to let you know I was invited to speak again this year, this time on the topic of “New Tech” for imaging… essentially all this Raspberry Pi and other embedded Linux devices that are becoming all the rage with mobile imagers. See you there!

    Meanwhile… I have a substantial check list to get done before Texas… and it includes some new goodies I hope to get into a daily build before I leave, so I'd better get back to work!






    A little bird told me Peter was joining the fray earlier and I'm happy to hear it has come to pass. Maybe now I can get back out to Suffern and talk some baseball with another Padres fan. Welcome aboard Peter!


    Gary Wood

    SKY-X Professional in 64 byte for full compatibility with OS Mojave and future OS upgrades?

    Better connection to MX Mount circuit board (upgrade) than a USB-Mini connector fothcoming?

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