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    Daniel R. Bisque

    There’s a really exciting new feature in the TPoint Add On called the “Super Model”*.  The Super Model automatically determines the best pointing model for your imaging system.  With a single button click, TPoint performs an extensive statistical analysis of the pointing calibration data and converges on an optimal pointing model using all the processing power of your computer.  It goes far beyond the iterative approach that was required to create a pointing model in earlier versions of TPoint. 

    What does this mean?  You’ll achieve the best possible pointing accuracy with the minimal effort and spend more time imaging.

    To demonstrate, the above TPoint scatter diagram (with Jupiter superimposed for scale) shows 7.4 arcsecond all sky pointing accuracy from a Super Model.  (Jupiter’s apparent angular diameter from Earth varies from about 30 arcseconds to about 50 arcseconds.)

    So, for this system**, slews to objects fall within an area the size of Jupiter.  Not bad for an amateur telescope! 

    You can read more about the Super Model in the TPoint Add On User Guide.

    * The Super Model feature is exclusive to TheSkyX Professional Edition for Mac or Windows version 10.1.10 or later with the optional TPoint Add On.)

    ** This pointing calibration data was collected using the Automated Calibration feature on a permanently mounted, accurately polar aligned Paramount ME carrying a ring mounted C-14 with the mirror locked in place.  The SBIG ST-8 was rigidly attached to an Optec TCF-S focuser and all cables routed so that there was no drag or sag on the system.   



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