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    What a summer I'm having! My son and I had a great time at the Cherry Springs Star Party in Pennsylvania, then drove home and took off for Golden, Colorado to visit the mother ship.

    Cherry Springs Star Party.

    We took a bit of a round-about way there, visited several southwestern tourist traps, stayed with friends at an astronomy community in New Mexico, and finally stopped in the Denver area for a week. My son is there learning to build Paramounts on his summer break from college (he's studying Industrial Design… look out world!).

    Stephen assembling Paramount components.

    I spent nearly a week on site terrorizing the brothers and meeting, planning, and writing code. Much to do… so much to do.

    I also got to try out the new on site observatory there, and me, Tom, Steve, and Stephen (my son) stayed up inordinately late, and even brought Matt in on a phone call to kill a real nasty bug that showed up when we were testing some new code there. Having an observatory “in the parking lot” is going to be a game changing boon. Especially for Tom (no more driving back and forth), who I think is just planning to move in and live there…..

    Monsoon clouds over the Software Bisque Observatory.

    The next stop was at the OPT Southern California Astronomy Expo and imaging symposium. That was a great success and terrific to meet some of our customers, future customers, and my vendor friends, some of whom are very dear to me. I did a little “commercial” for the Paramounts that will be posted on YouTube soon, so watch for a link to that.

    Steve Bisque at OPT's SCAE.

    You'd think I'd get a break when I got home, but no, the South Eastern Planetarium Association was meeting this year in none other than my own town, Lake Mary FL. We do have a product for that industry, and so I went and set up a booth in the vendor area, but I also brought along my Paramount MX. It's amazing what happens when you setup a Paramount around a bunch of astronomically-minded people. I met some existing customers, I'm pretty sure I've “sold” some people on the mount, and I had two lengthy and interesting conversations about astrophotography with people.

    SEPA booth.

    I'm coming out to Golden again late next week, and will be driving home after a short imaging trip to Yellowstone. We are going to be making a major push for portable imagers, and there's some new software coming along to help with that. The iOS app is pregnant with new features and bug fixes, and I'm on my third prototype hardware platform for our “SkyBox” embedded Linux solution to more fully automate the mount. I think you can count on us shaking things up a bit this Fall. I can't wait!



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