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    I'm back from the Texas Star Party, and have not quite caught my breath. The weather was really great this year, and my only regret was I was shooting a little over sampled for the seeing. Still… everything looks great on an iPhone, or shrunk down small for a web page ;-) I did a couple of wide field Milky Way shots, and a (nearly) three hour star trail image where you can see the leading edge of the Milky Way approaching from the South East. I spent most of my scope time on three objects, the best of which I think is the sunflower galaxy (M63).

    As I said in my last blog, they had a space for the vendors on the north field, which I thought was very good ground and we were visible and easy to find. I visited with several customers, and helped someone transition their guiding to TheSkyX, and walked a brand new Paramount MX+ customer through the the whole setup process and had him shooting galaxies shortly after twilight. These were all gratifying experiences, and I also enjoyed the camaraderie with my fellow vendor friends from Celestron, Sky-Watcher USA, Explore Scientific, and Astrofactors. On the last day after vendor cleanup, I even visited the McDonald observatory… inspiring to say the least!

    So, back home and whiplash, I'm off again next week to give a two day astrophotography workshop at the Canadian Astrophotography School, and to represent Software Bisque with a booth at AstroCATS. This should be fun and the other presenters are all friends of mine, so I expect a good meal or two and some good times both during work and afterwards.

    Once home again after Canada, I'm taking a little break. I've been on the road a lot this year starting with a fantastic family vacation, but the unfortunately followed by three lengthy out of town trips to deal with some unpleasant family business, then three star party/expo type shows, and I'm whooped (sorry, Kentucky boy here… Google it ;-). PLUS… hey, I do love talking to people, and imaging, etc. but I'm also an engineer and I have some real work to get done here. The summer months will allow me to get several partially complete projects pushed through to completion… training videos… additional device support…. the portable imaging system… mobile development. Everyone at Software Bisque does three or four jobs it seems, but the marketing/spokes person role takes me out of the office and sometimes for just a bit too long. Now… I might still hop out to Golden for some pow-wow time with the Bisque brothers, but the South Eastern Software Bisque office needs to spend some quality time in the office there, or at my own observatory developing things without an audience.

    After that break though… there's an exciting fall agenda developing. Steve Bisque and I are making plans to attend the Okie Tex star party this September, and I've accepted an invitation to teach the astrophotography workshop at this years NightFall star party. The summer months in Florida are off and on for imaging, but that passion is alive and well, which was something TSP provide some much needed therapy for.

    Now… back to work!



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