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Robert Berta wrote Sky X
on 06-30-2009 11:13 PM

Had a chance to try a friends new Sky X at a star party. Found several bugs but overall it should be an upgrade to my Sky 6. I have been a Sky user for many years...both regular version and Pocket Edition which has proven to be VERY handy...even run my various telescopes from the PDA version which is a lot more portable than a laptop and battery lasts through the night.

I am troubled by the plan to charge yearly update fees...this has been a big complaint with several other programs...i.e. Maxim DL.  Early adopters of the first major revisions become the debuggers...we should be rewarded for finding all those bugs and making the product an even better product...and more saleable as a result.  I suspect that many people will simply hold off buying the product until enough time has passed for others to have found most of the major bugs. I can see the point of maintaining an income stream from a product but there are big disadvantages fact the main reason I avoided continuing with Stary Night Pro was the very buggy early versions and their pay to upgrade policy.  These upgrades are not a trivial thing either...the fact that The Sky Six and earlier versions had very high upgrade numbers  (I am up to 6.058)shows the astro community that they are committed to getting all the bugs out and working with the latest cameras and telescopes.

Bob Berta


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