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Patrick Wallace was born in 1946 in England and has a degree in astronomy from University College London. After working in industry as a computer programmer he joined the Anglo-Australian Telescope project in 1973 and was instrumental in the development of the 3.9m telescope's control system. He was part of a number of AAT observing campaigns, including the first optical detection of the Vela Pulsar. From 1980 to 2010 he managed the UK Starlink Project, which provided computers and software for astronomical data analysis. During this period he retained an interest in telescope control and, to keep his hand in as a programmer, developed algorithms and software privately. He acted as a consultant to ESO and the Keck Observatory among others, specializing in accurate pointing. His commercial package TPOINT is wide use by both professionals and amateurs, and in the 1990s was adopted by Software Bisque and incorporated into TheSky6 and, later, TheSkyX. The final years of his day-job career were spent working in fundamental astronomy and in IAU standards work, in particular on the SOFA initiative. After "retirement" he continues to provide software and consultancy services through his company Tpoint Consulting (formerly Tpoint Software). When not doing that, he plays the violin, flies a glider and takes photographs of his grandchildren.

The three telescopes visible are the Gemini North 8m, the University of Hawaii 2.2m and the 3.9m UKIRT.  These and most of the other Mauna Kea telescopes use TPOINT, including the two 10m Keck telescopes.


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