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Stephen M. Bisque is the president, CEO and founder of Software Bisque.  Steve graduated from the Colorado School of Mines in 1983 with a BSc. degree in Geophysical Engineering. 

Notable accomplishments include:

  • Developed and released the very first astronomy software for the personal computer. TheSky for DOS began shipping in 1983.  The first advertisement appeared in the September 1984 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine (see graphic below)
  • Primary developer of every version of TheSky to date, including The_Sky for DOS version 1 (the only developer), TheSky for Windows versions 1, 2, 4, 6, and TheSkyX for Mac and Windows version 10 and many other Software Bisque applications (TPoint for Windows, PrecisionPEC, TheSky Pocket Edition, Orchestrate, TPoint Add On)
  • Inventor of the encoder-based, push-to telescope in 1989 
  • Primary designer of the Paramount GT-1100 Robotic Telescope Mount
  • Primary designer of the Paramount GT-1100S Robotic Telescope Mount
  • Primary designer of the Paramount ME Robotic Telescope Mount 
  • Sole designer of the Paramount MYT Robotic German Equatorial Telescope Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount MX Robotic German Equatorial Telescope Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount MX+ Robotic German Equatorial Telescope Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount ME II Robotic German Equatorial Telescope Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount Taurus Model 400 Equatorial Fork Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount Taurus Model 500 Equatorial Fork Mount
  • Sole designer of the Paramount Taurus Model 600 Equatorial Fork Mount
  • Sole designer of the Pyramid Portable Pier
  • Sole designer of most Paramount-related hardware accessories

The_Sky for DOS advertisement in the September 1984 issue of Sky & Telescope Magazine.


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Lawrence Sverdrup wrote More Primative Paramount Control
on 03-26-2019 11:27 AM

We would like to operate a Paramount in a special fashion, rather than using TheSky software.  Is it possible to purchase a DLL and API providing a list of basic control commands?

wrote The SkyX license is system dependent?
on 02-17-2017 3:52 AM

Dear Steve,

      I live in Abu Dhabi/UAE and due to the light pollution i need to drive deep into the desert to do my astrophotography or struggle with the narrow band filters at home.

      When i go into the desert with my C11 Edge HD i also have one laptop with windows and all my sw to help me, but when i'm at home i use my iMac due to the fact that is a more powerfull system useful in the post processing tasks later.

      I have played with a very old version of the the The Skyx First Light and a friend told me to buy The Skyx Professional software.

      Would it be possible to install the The SkyX Professional in both my astronomy computers (Windows and iMac)? That way whenever i'm in the desert or at home i would use always the same software (the same procedures and not two different sw and two different processes).

      Even if possible i would never take my iMac 27" screen into the desert with me, therefore i'm using only one system at each and time.

      I'll appreciate if i could satisfy my need, and if possible please let me know how much would i need to pay and how.

Clear Skyes,

Joao Vaz Martins

00971 56 364 5018

mmotta wrote track box does not work
on 07-16-2014 10:46 AM

Hi, sending email to you because no good solution seen on forum. I have SkyX, Tpoint, for a number of years. recently got CCD add on, was using ccd soft before. Windows 7, 64 bit. I have an SBIG STL 1001E, on my home made 32inch F6 telescope , 4800mm focal leangth. I have the latest build, made sure latest drivers from SBIG

Using the guide software, all works EXCEPT the track box size. though 32x32 "standard", all I get is 8x8, way too small for my focal leangth, thus making system useless for me. Any idea why? would like to start using the add on. We meet at NEAF every year.

Mario Motta

fedutton wrote MKS 4000 Driver
on 01-16-2014 11:55 AM

Hi Steve,

I gather from your website that the "MKS 4000 USB Driver Full Installer" was last updated on 07‑02‑2009. The thought that this driver needs some updating occurred to me when I found that I can install the driver on my oldest computers but not on my newer ones (Windows is constantly changing). For the past couple of years I have tried unsuccessfully to install the driver on my two year old laptop computer (Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1 with all the latest updates). And now I have also tried several times to install the driver on my four year old desktop computer. Windows indicates a compatibility problem because of the age of the driver and suggests trying different settings—whatever that means. The driver installs just fine on my six year old laptop and my eight year old desktop. All of this taken together suggests that your driver is not current and needs updating.

This is becoming an increasingly serious issue for me because the eight year old desktop currently running Paramout ME has required servicing recently; I'm afraid it may go down permanently at anytime and then I'll really be in the soup! (All four of these computers are running Windows 7 Home Premium, Service Pack 1.)

And this is really weird: With the newer laptop every time I clicked on the button to install the driver a TurboTax window appeared. I deleted TurboTax 2012 and then I got the messages regarding compatibility!

I really don't know where to go from here!



Matthew wrote FocusMax control / occasional reset at start up
on 09-22-2013 12:24 PM

I tried emailing this to you but I don't think it went through.

I just purchased The SkyX Professional edition with the Camera add-on. I have had the FocusMax software for some time now but never software to control it; FocusMax says it will only work with either Maxim DL or CCDSoft. so far I have been unsuccessful in controlling FocusMax using the Camera add-on. Is it possible for me to be granted a license for CCDSoft so I can control my auto focuser? I have a Starlight Instruments feather touch auto focuser attached to my C-11; are there any future plans to create drivers for my type of auto focuser?

Also, this just started happening recently with the Serious Astronomer edition and it happened with the Professional edition last night. Occasionally when I shut down all the software and turn off my computer and return to the The SkyX software at a later time I am forced to reset everything as if I have just downloaded the program from scratch; I have to reenter my name and license key along with reentering all my location settings, chart preferences, and equipment. What is happening here?

Thank you for your help on this,

Matthew Peek



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