Paramount ME's MKS 4000 Control System Details and Specifications

MKS-4000 DC-Servo Controller Electronics

The Paramount ME's advanced dual-axis telescope motion control system, called the "MKS 4000" includes the following standard features.




Dual-Axis Tracking Examples

 Tracking Minor Planets

Can your telescope do this? 


This 60 second unguided exposure of minor planet 1999 KW4 was acquired during the RTMC on May 26th, 2001 using a Paramount, C-11 OTA and an SBIG ST-9E.


To acquire this image, the Paramount was slewed to the minor planet and the necessary dual-axis tracking rates were computed and automatically set by TheSky to follow this rapidly-moving near earth asteroid. For sixty seconds the Paramount tracked the minor planet (the bright circular object near the center of the image). Note the trailing background stars. Note that the minor planet is moving at different rates in both right ascension and declination.


 Sample Video of Minor Planet 1999 KW4


This "video" (acquired at 2001 RTMC) was created by capturing 250 separate 10-second exposures of minor planet 1999 KW4 by scripting the control of the camera attached to the Paramount using the Orchestrate scripting software. Notice that the minor planet is moving so rapidly that even the individual 10-second exposures show movement, or "streaking," so that the minor planet itself appears slightly elongate. 


1999KW4.avi (2.3 MB AVI movie) (450 KB QuickTime movie)


 Tracking Comets

Animation courtesy Gray Fox Observatory, Phoenix, AZ.

The following animation was made by capturing successive exposures with the Paramount GT-1100 while tracking comet Linear (C-14 with an SBIG ST-9E at f/5, 1.5 arcseconds per pixel).  




Comet Linear.avi (255 KB AVI movie)

Comet (139 KB QuickTime movie)