Performance Specifications

The Paramount ME outperforms commercial "go to" telescope mounts in the following critical areas.


Critical Area

Paramount ME Specification

All Sky Pointing Accuracy

In theory, the Paramount ME can point your telescope to 1/3 of an arcsecond (which is the limit of the control system’s optical encoders).


In practice, you should expect to achieve repeatable, quantifiable pointing accuracies from 10 to 30 arcseconds RMS by employing TPoint for Windows Telescope Pointing Analysis software.


The bottom line is that the Paramount ME with TheSky, TPoint and a robust payload will deliver exceptional pointing accuracy.


AutoHome Technology/Nightly Initialization

When aligned with the celestial pole (a requirement for all German equatorial mounts), the Paramount ME can be restarted (powered off then on) with the identical pointing and tracking from session to session.


With AutoHoming, you will not have to "resynchronize" or initialize the mount each session, or after losing power.


No other commercial mount offers this capability.



The spring-loaded worm-to-gear interface has virtually zero backlash in both the right ascension and declination axis.


Tracking Performance and Periodic Error

The peak-to-peak periodic error for the right ascension gear is seven (7) arcseconds or less, before periodic error correction and without ProTrack.


The typical Paramount ME periodic error after periodic error correction is applied is one arcsecond peak-to-peak or less.


So, the tracking errors that are the result of the worm rotating are generally less than the errors introduced by atmospheric turbulence (local seeing) and are immeasurable.s




Periodic Error: Amplitude vs. Peak to Peak


Graph showing amplitude (3.5 arcseconds) versus peak-to-peak (7.0 arcseconds) periodic error.


There are two ways to specify the periodic error: the amplitude of the periodic error, or the peak-to-peak periodic error. The amplitude of the periodic error curve is measured from zero to the peak of the error. The peak-to-peak error is measured from the high point in the y-axis to the low point. Therefore, the peak-to-peak periodic error equals two times the amplitude.


The Paramount ME's periodic error is specified as the peak to peak periodic error, not the amplitude of the periodic error.


What is AutoHome?

AutoHome is an automated initialization process initiated via TheSky (or the hand paddle) that slews both the right ascension and declination axes of the Paramount ME to a mechanically fixed position, called the Home Position. The control system performs this step each time the Paramount ME is turned on so that the mount’s absolute position and orientation can be established (to the nearest one-third arcsecond).


AutoHome provides the following benefits: