Telescope Operation Disclaimer

Go to, robotic and software-guided telescopes do not have an unlimited range of movement. The telescope’s shape, the way it’s mounted, or the addition of accessories can prevent it from pointing at particular parts of the sky. If the telescope is forced past these points, the telescope, its mounting, or accessories might be damaged. TheSky includes a “limit line” feature that lets you specify these inaccessible positions; TheSky will try not to touch or cross them. This feature is provided by Software Bisque as a convenience, not as a panacea. Since any telescope can run into its mechanical limits through accident, carelessness, or component failure, Software Bisque cannot be responsible for any damage to your telescope that occurs when using TheSky to control it.


Furthermore, Software Bisque cannot be held responsible for damage caused by plugging cables into electronic devices. We strongly recommend turning off all electronic devices (computers, Pocket PC or Handheld devices, telescopes, focusers, dew heaters, CCD cameras, etc.) before attaching cables.

Sun Warning!

NEVER attempt to observe the Sun through your telescope! Without a specially designed solar filter, viewing the Sun – for even a fraction of a second – will cause instant, irreversible eye damage. When observing during the day, do not point the telescope near the Sun. Do not use TheSky’s automatic slew feature to find objects during the day.